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Bangqi Laser is founded in 2006 and mainly focused to serve global clients with intelligent metal processing solutions. Bangqi Laser provides various solutions in the field of fabrication, such as fiber laser machines for cutting, welding, cleaning, robot laser cutting, loading, welding, moving, etc. Right now, Bangqi Laser has expanded business to more than 100 countries.


Why Choose Us As Your Laser Cutting machine Supplier

Bangqi laser
Machine Bed Welding

Our machine beds are welded by professional workers and gantry milling machines, which could make sure that you will get a professional machine.

Inspection Before Delivery

Before delivery, our professional workers will test by USA equipment to make sure there is a good precision, and also we will provide the certificate of quality.

24 Hours Online Service

We provide 24 hours professional service, After receiving the user’s report for repairing, the after-sales engineer reply with solutions within 12 hours;


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